We’re Looking for a Few Good Men (and women)

As the 2017 wedding season rolls around, we are beginning the hard work of getting all the horses back in shape – and there are six of them! So, our time is now becoming very stretched – between stall work, taking care of the horses and training them every day. We’re looking for two or three working students who would do a few hours of barn work each week in exchange for riding lessons on our talented Andalusian school masters. If you’ve ever dreamed of learning to ride really well, or riding an award-winning Andalusian school master, let us know! We’d love to see you achieve your dreams, while helping us get our work done! 🙂 Lessons in Aerial Arts with Horses, Long Reining, Vaulting and riding musical freestyles are some of the ways we can bless and enrich your life! Call today – (301) 829-5048.