The Golden Carriage for South Asian Weddings

Diana’s Wedding Horses is now offering our South Asian clients a unique horse-drawn Golden Carriage for their baraat, vidai and special celebration needs. There is no other carriage like this in existence, as it’s custom built to look like the sacred baghis you see in holy celebrations and weddings in India, but with differences that make the experience better and more practical for everyone!


GoldenCarriageHilton  FinksburgBrideAndGroom

The Golden Carriage travels at the head of the baraat procession, and is open in the rear so the groom can enjoy the dancing and festivities going on behind the carriage. The carriage is equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system, so your DJ will be able to walk behind the carriage as the music is played out to the crowd behind the carriage – thereby eliminating the need for another vehicle at the head of the procession. The sound system includes a high-output speaker, mixing board, wireless microphone and power supply – all your DJ needs to bring is your music and a cell phone or laptop! DJs love our set up – it makes it so much easier for them!





The Golden Carriage has a carved antique wood canopy top, red satin drapes and red and white flowers, a lighted interior for night-time baraats and vidai ceremonies and room for eight people – all wrapped in an ornately detailed gold exterior that shines like the sun! The Golden Carriage is pulled by a pure white Percheron draft horse, well seasoned in commercial carriage life. The horse wears the traditional tapestries of red and gold (unless its very windy), and has ankle bells and a red feather plume on its head.








The Golden Carriage for a baraat = $1200

Vidai Ride at the same wedding = an additional $600
($1800 total, for both)

Vidai Ride Only (no baraat ride) = $1200

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